A Solid Alternative For Weak Formations

Featuring a unique design, Dril-Quip’s FlowBoss™ Surge Reduction Tool helps reduce surface fluid overflow, minimizing operational risk in problematic formations.

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A 3D model of the FlowBoss™ Surge Reduction Tool

Reduce Your Liner Run Times And Costs

The FlowBoss™ Surge Reduction Tool saves you time and money when running in liner systems. When running conventional float-in-liner systems in wells with weak formations or with running tight tolerance liner strings, the risk of fluid loss through surge pressure presents a challenge for operators. With conventional float-in systems, the only option to reduce this risk was to run the liner extremely slowly, resulting in long run times. Auto-fill float equipment has been available for many years, but has limited flow area and carries the risk of premature tripping due to a surge associated with setting down on or coming up off of the slips. Overflow at the surface was also a possibility. The run time with an auto-fill system has proven to be only a slight improvement over conventional float-in systems. High-volume auto-fill float equipment still allows large volumes of fluid to move up the inside of the liner string.

Dril-Quip's FlowBoss™ Surge Reduction Tool allows the fluid being displaced up the inside of the liner to be diverted back to the annulus above the liner top. The tool design includes a unique rotating ball seat cam that opens after the ports are closed, allowing the drop ball to continue down hole. The design provides a smooth bore with no obstructions to damage displacement plugs.

The Verification Tool runs below the FlowBoss™ tool, providing a means to test the pressure integrity of the ports after closing. It utilizes the same rotational ball seat that rotates after testing thereby releasing the drop ball down hole to activate the float equipment.


  • Weak formations
  • Liner strings with tight tolerance


  • Helps reduce fluid overflow at the surface
  • Smooth bore with no obstructions

FlowBoss™ Surge Reduction Tool Details

  • Bypass ports divert fluid to the annulus above the liner top
  • Drop ball seats in the rotating ball seat and shifts the closing sleeve to seal off the bypass ports
  • Bonded rubber seals on the closing sleeve provide pressure integrity to 10,000 PSI
  • Tool strength exceeds the drill pipe in Torque and Tensile
  • Drop ball sizes vary for use with ball activated liner equipment
  • Dual pressure indications for closing ports and opening bore
  • Emergency seat to evacuate drill string in problem situation

Improve Operational Efficiency

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