Field Proven For Dependability

The FlowBoss™ Cementer expands upon our FlowBoss™ Surge Reduction technology to offer a dependable field-proven top down squeeze cementing tool compatible with our XPak® Liner Hanger Systems. 

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FlowBoss™ For Traditional and Nontraditional Cement Jobs

The FlowBoss™ cementer offers customers the option of a liner top squeeze in applications where a traditional cement job cannot be achieved but maintains the flexibility to allow a traditional cement job if conditions permit.


  • Full opening ID
  • Isolates the liner setting system and any downhole equipment below the TDS tool
  • Compatible with FlowBoss™ Surge Reduction Tools and XPak®  running tools
  • Smooth ID transitions will not impede the passage of activation balls or darts
  • Can be run as contingency and only activated when needed

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