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Ensure the integrity of your cementing jobs with Dril-Quip’s Dual Plug System, engineered to simplify operations while enhancing reliability.

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Flexibility Meets Durability

Dril-Quip's tandem liner wiper plug is used to minimize cement contamination with wellbore fluids while displacing cement through the liner string. Dril-Quip will work with your wiper plug supplier of choice, or we can provide our tandem liner wiper plug system when running Dril-Quip liner hangers. When run with Dril-Quip liner hangers, and cement manifolds, it reduces the number of interfaces and improves overall system reliability.

Features And Benefits

  • Universal design for Conventional and Expandable Liner Hanger Installations
  • Pressure capacity for use in primary expansion process
  • Components manufactured from PDC drillable aluminum
  • Emergency shear design to remove from setting tool if required
  • Available in multiple sizes (4 1/2" liner size and larger)

Improve Operational Efficiency

Dril-Quip can help you boost your bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint. Let’s talk.

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