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The Dril-Quip Casing Pulling Tool (CPT) retrieves casing in applications where the drilling rig or work string does not have sufficient capacity and can be used as a replacement for surface casing jacking systems.

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A 3D model of a casing pulling tool

Faster Rig-Up With Minimized Risk

Furnished with a rotary-shouldered pin connection on the bottom, allowing the use of casing cutting and/or standard fishing tools, the CPT provides the pulling force required to retrieve the casing. It can also be used to dislodge other material from the casing or wellbore.

The CPT downhole multi-stage hydraulic actuator functions as a hydraulic jack. After the casing has been located and tagged, hydraulically set mechanically releasable slips anchor the CPT to the wall of the larger ID casing above. Pressure is applied to begin the upward movement of the fish. After the stroke is completed, the anchors are released. The power section can be reset, and the anchor re-engaged as many times as required.


  • Applies pulling loads at the fish, not at the surface
  • Mitigates limited rig capacity
  • Mitigates damage to work string and hoisting equipment due to tension loads or shock loads
  • Quick rig up and rig down compared with surface systems

CPT Components

  • Multi-Stage Hydraulic Power Section
  • Anchor Section
  • Safety Release Section
  • Field End Connection

Improve Operational Efficiency

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