Risk-Reducing Reliability

Built to perform in both onshore and offshore operations, Dril-Quip offers a variety of specialty tools and accessories to support your well completion operations.

Downhole Specialty Tools

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FlowBoss™ Cementer Top Down Squeeze Tool

The FlowBoss™ Cementer tool can be utilized with XPak® Expandable Liner Hangers to perform a liner top cement squeeze prior to setting the liner hanger.

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A 3D model of the FlowBoss™ Surge Reduction Tool

FlowBoss™ Surge Reduction Tool

The FlowBoss™ Surge Reduction Tool reduces the risk of fluid loss through surge pressure by allowing the fluid to be displaced up the inside of the liner and diverted back to the annulus above the liner top when utilizing auto-fill float equipment.

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Dual Plug Systems

Multiple sizes available for conventional and expandable liner hanger installations.

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Cement Heads

Cement manifolds, used at the surface, allow fluids to be pumped into the liner and cement displacement plugs to be dropped.

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Casing Pulling Tool

The Casing Pulling Tool (CPT) retrieves casing in applications where the drilling rig or work string does not have sufficient capacity.  It can be used as a replacement for surface casing jacking systems.

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Above And Beyond R&D

To ensure our products meet or exceed the highest standards, Dril-Quip has unparalleled in-house R&D and testing capabilities.

Work Safer, Smarter, And Faster

With a wide range of cost-saving solutions and support, Dril-Quip will show you how.