Field-Proven Protection During Drilling and Casing Installation

Engineered for land rigs (ADS), jack-up, platform (MD Diverter System), and floating drilling operations (MDF Diverter Systems), Dril-Quip Diverter Systems provide total BOP protection from shallow gas. With fewer mechanical and hydraulic connections, installation and operations are simplified.

Diverter Systems

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Fixed Diverter Systems

Used for applications on a shallow-water jackup rigs, Dril-Quip’s Fixed Diverter is permanently installed on the platform. It’s designed to accommodate conventional systems as well as our BigBore™ system, which allows for larger 36-inch ODs. In contrast with other diverters, our system saves considerable time via quick make-up connections, and by permitting the rig flowline, diverter line, trip tank line, and fill-up line to remain assembled throughout drilling.


  • Augments BOP system during all other drilling, completion, and workover operations
  • Improves safety and reduces rig-up time
  • Simplifies installation compared to temporary diverters
  • Eliminates need to weld a flange to the conductor casing or fabricate a bell nipple during BOP installation
  • Facilitates operation and maintenance with handling and test tools (provided)
  • Full bore for the rotary table, pressure rated to 500 psi


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CSO Diverter Systems

Dril-Quip’s Complete Shut-Off (CSO) Diverter Systems are designed for enhanced safety on floating and deepwater rigs. Manufactured and fatigue-tested to the highest standards, they help to further mitigate HSE risks and reduce costs.

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ADS Diverter Systems

Developed and proven for deep well on the Arabian Peninsula, the ADS is a portable diverter installed on the conductor, establishing a pressure-tight seal to enable controlled diversion of gas pockets potentially encountered. Housing, packing elements, and an overshot spool-type connector are integrated into a unitized protection device to deliver safe and reliable performance.


  • Large-bore diverter accommodates 36-inch drift
  • Protects wellbore during drilling and casing operations with range of split insert packers
  • Split-packer design allows elements to be run through a 37.5-inch rotary table
  • No hydraulics required; split-insert packer simplifies installation via weight-set, lock-ring style auto-locking components
  • Overshot radial bolt connector offers quick, easy make-up using standard impact wrenches
  • Overshot connector packer seal is hydraulically energized for reliable control of wellbore fluids
  • Engineered, designed, and operated to API industry standards
  • Adaptable to most land drilling rigs
  • Complete ADS diverter and valve system available from one source, Dril-Quip


Engineered To Endure

Dril-Quip products are built, tested, and re-tested to perform in the real world in the most extreme operational environments.

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Protect and Perform

Save time, save money, and reduce risks with field-proven solutions. Dril-Quip will show you how.

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