Gas-Tight, Risk-Reducing Performance

With world-class strength capabilities and unmatched fatigue life, the BADGeR™ Casing Connector enables quicker connection times and lower installation costs while reducing HSE risk.

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A 3D model for the BADGeR™ Specialty Casing Connector

Lowest Stress Amplification Factor (SAF) And Longest Fatigue Life In The Industry

Dril-Quip’s BADGeR™ Specialty Connector incorporates factory-installed anti-rotation keys that allow hands-free makeup. This saves 1-2 minutes per connection with no additional rig personnel, reducing non-productive time and improving safety.


  • The BADGeR™ is designed to meet the industry’s toughest challenges and highest expectations:
  • Metal gas-tight primary seal with elastomer secondary seal for pressure containment and long, reliable field life
  • Hands-free automatic anti-rotation device provides a heavy-duty lock on final torque
  • Successfully tested with gas to ISO 13679:2017 CAL I-E/API 5C5:2017
  • Optimized thread form and robust internal and external shoulders deliver higher compressive strength and industry-tested best static capacity

BADGeR™: Stats

1-2 mins

Saved per connection


Pipe body ratings in internal pressure and bending

37 Years

 Field-proven performance

Testing Far Beyond Conventional Validation

Traditional test fixtures found in many testing facilities have limited load capacities and are unable to test the connector or pipe to its full capacity range. Because no known test machine had the capability of validating all the data required to comply with ISO 13679, Dril-Quip built its own. Our Horizontal Test Machine is equipped with hydraulic cylinders and can apply over 20 million ft-lbs of bending capacity and over 13 million lbs of axial capacity. This allows us to uniquely validate all of the data points to the required specification.

Improve Operational Efficiency

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