Fatigue-Tested, Field-Proven

Manufactured for extreme applications, Dril-Quip Casing Connectors deliver unparalleled reliability.

Casing Connectors

A 3D model for the BADGeR™ Specialty Casing Connector

BADGeR™ Specialty Casing Connector

A casing connector that provides the next level of performance. The BADGeR™ Casing Connector provides world-class strength capacities and unmatched fatigue life.

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A 3D model of a Quik-Thread Connector

Quik-Thread® Connectors

Quik-Thread Connectors offer fast make-up, and reliable sealing of large diameter tubulars for a variety of drilling applications. 

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A 3D model of a Multi-Thread Connector

Multi-Thread Connectors™

The Multi-Thread Connector is a member of the Quik-Thread line of connectors. 

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A 3D model of a Quik-Stab Connector

Quik-Stab® Connectors

Quik-Stab Connectors provide fast make-up and reliable, weight-set connections for large diameter tubulars.

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A 3D model of a Quik-Jay Connector

Quik-Jay™ Connectors

Quik-Jay Connectors are ideal for use at the mudline for quick, remote release of riser strings.

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Above And Beyond R&D

To ensure our products meet or exceed the highest standards, Dril-Quip has unparalleled in-house R&D and testing capabilities.

Two Dril-Quip workers looking over pipes

Work Safer, Smarter, And Faster

With a wide range of cost-saving solutions and support, Dril-Quip will show you how.