Featured Product: SS-15® RLDe Rigid Lockdown Subsea Wellhead System

With a time-saving rigid lockdown mechanism, it’s economically ideal for many applications, including HPHT and carbon storage.

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Enhancing Performance While Reducing HSE Risks

Dril-Quip is far more than a wellhead company. Our line of drilling and production technologies, subsea systems, and well construction products is backed by unparalleled R&D, service, and support.

A Dril-Quip employee closely inspecting equipment.


Inspired by The Power of e™, Dril-Quip’s suite of e-Series products can collectively help save operators up to $5 million per well by reducing trips, equipment, and risks.

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A photo showing casing connectors at an active site.

Casing Connectors

Fatigue-tested and field-proven for extreme applications, Dril-Quip connectors offer unparalleled reliability in a wide range of configurations.

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Several Dril-Quip employees at a drill site working on a diverter system.

Diverter Systems

Dril-Quip's Diverter Systems, which include fixed, conventional, and BigBore™ systems, provide protection from shallow gas during drilling and casing installation. 

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A Dril-Quip employee working on well completions tools in a warehouse.

Downhole Specialty Tools

To support your well completions, Dril-Quip offers a wide range of equipment for cementing, surge reduction, casing pulling, and other downhole operations.

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A smiling Dril-Quip employee standing next to a liner hanger at an active drill site.

Liner Hanger Systems

Dril-Quip offers a variety of conventional and expandable Liner Hanger Systems, including the XPak® and the XPak De®, both engineered for superior performance.

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Two Dril-Quip employess working on an offshre rig's mudline suspension system.

Mudline Suspension Systems

Offering simplified installation and fewer equipment requirements, Dril-Quip’s Mudline Suspension Equipment can help reduce costs along with your carbon footprint.

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GN Four Frac Trees Low Angle

Multi-Well Frac Connector

The MWFC system allows a continuous flow loop that reduces downtime during operations and reduces the number of connectors, thereby reducing risk to the field staff on site.

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A riser in a.Dril-Quip testing facility.


Dril-Quip’s vast line of drilling and high-pressure production riser connectors includes complete riser strings for TLP and SPAR floating production vessels.

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A Dril-Qup employee inspecting and taking notes on a subsea structure.

Subsea Structures

Designed for maximum flexibility in a variety of offshore applications, Dril-Quip Subsea Structures include Manifolds, Templates, PLETs, PLEMs, and ILS.

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A Dril-Quip employee working on a production tree.


Designed for maximum efficiency and performance, Dril-Quip’s wide range of Production Trees are available in horizontal, vertical surface, and vertical subsurface configurations. 

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A Dril-Quip BigBore IIe wellhead in a facility.


From Unitized Wellheads to the BigBore™ IIe, Dril-Quip has a comprehensive line of wellhead systems engineered to save money and time while reducing HSE risks.

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A wellhead connector being placed at a working site.

Wellhead Connectors

Backed by decades of engineering expertise, Dril-Quip Wellhead Connectors are built to endure the most extreme, high-pressure environments.

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Excellence, Configured to Order

For low-cost, low-profile, low-impact drilling and production solutions, let’s talk.