Badger™ Specialty Casing Connectors

A casing connector that provides the next level of performance.

The Badger™ Casing Connector provides world class strength capacities and unmatched fatigue life.

Dril-Quip’s Badger™ Specialty Connector incorporates factory installed anti-rotation keys that allows hands-free make-up. This insures quicker connection times (saving of 1-2 minutes per connection), no additional rig personnel and HSE risk reduction.

Badger Specialty Casing Connector

Specialty Casing Connector.

Badger Advantages and Benefits:

  • Factory installed keys provides hands free make-up 1-2 minutes faster per connection
  • Reduces non-productive time and costs
  • Zero Service Techs on the rig floor and Zero Health, Safety and Environmental risks
  • Badger Connector has the industry’s longest proven fatigue Life
  • Gas-tight metal seal integrity
  • Meets customer’s highest specifications for critical service wells

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