Join Dril-Quip at ADIPEC 2023

Dril-Quip at ADIPEC 2023

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Join Dril-Quip at ADIPEC 2023 in booth 4210 to see how our Expandable Liner Hangers are revolutionizing well construction, providing superior zonal isolation even in the most challenging wellbore conditions. We are excited to discuss how these innovative tools can optimize your drilling and completions operations. Efficiency in well intervention is paramount, and our Casing Pulling Tool has been designed with this in mind. They offer unparalleled reliability and efficiency, ensuring you can safely and efficiently remove casings, even in the harshest conditions. We'll demonstrate how these tools can streamline your wellbore operations and reduce downtime.

Dril-Quip products at ADIPEC 2023

02-05 October, 2023


Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC)

Hall 4 | 4210


Wellhead Systems | Discover our new product offerings

Conventional Wellheads

Flowing / Pumping Wellheads

  • Offers operators a cost-effective solution for drilling and completions across a variety of applications.
  • Used in low to medium-pressure applications.
  • Utilizes a drilling spool and tubing spool, with an optional intermediate spool based on well design.
Thermal Wellheads

Injector and Producer Well Pairs

  • Custom-engineered wellhead specifically designed to support the demanding requirements of extreme thermal environments – up to 650°F (343°C).
  • Specialized ports to handle electrical feed through cables and instrumentation ports.
Drill Through Wellheads

G25 Stacker Wellhead System

  • Saves drilling time; allows casing strings to be installed and cemented without having to break the BOP stack.
  • Saves money; increases operational efficiency and reduces EHS exposure.
  • Available in a variety of pressures, sizes, and configurations.

RingLok Wellhead System

  • Reduces down time on the rig, saving time and cost.
  • Same innovative benefits as a G25 stacker system, but utilizes an internal latching system.
  • Eliminates the need for external lockdowns, greatly reducing both the number of leak paths and EHS risk to employees.

ADIPEC 2023: Where Innovation Meets Collaboration

ADIPEC is more than just an event; it's a nexus of ideas, a convergence of expertise, and a celebration of innovation. It's the perfect stage to share our latest breakthroughs with you, our valued customers, and our esteemed colleagues.

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