Dril-Quip Wins Spotlight on New Technology Award for VXTe™ Vertical Subsea Tree System

The 2020 Spotlight on New Technology Award on display

HOUSTON, May 05, 2020 ─ Dril-Quip, Inc. (NYSE: DRQ) announced that it was presented with a Spotlight on New Technology Award by the 2020 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) yesterday for its VXTe™ Vertical Subsea Tree System. The VXTe™ system eliminates the need for a tubing head spool and the requirement for orientation of the tubing hanger, saving time and equipment cost. Key aspects of the VXTe™ are a self-orienting stab sub, automatic space out of the tubing hanger, and an isolated annulus flow with the annulus gate valve packaged inside the tubing hanger. This technology allows operators to run tubing hangers similarly to casing hangers without the need for time-consuming orientation.

Blake DeBerry, Dril-Quip’s President and Chief Executive Officer, remarked, “We are excited to receive another Spotlight on New Technology Award from OTC. The VXTe™ system is a simple, robust, and elegant answer to the industry’s subsea tree challenges. The system reduces installation times by eliminating tubing head installation, removing steps for aligning and running traditional tubing hangers, eliminating lead-impression measurement trips, and giving the option of running the tubing hanger and completing the well during the drilling phase. These benefits can eliminate a blowout preventer installation and removal sequence, which is currently a costly step while drilling an offshore well. By streamlining the installation process and avoiding the cost of the tubing head spool and associated parts, the VXTe™ system can significantly reduce overall project development costs. In this uncertain market, we are pleased to leverage our engineering expertise to provide operators with technologically innovative products that can result in structural cost savings.”

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