Compassion Empowered

Dril-Quip has maintained a steadfast commitment to making a positive impact. Even amid the global pandemic, our employees embraced innovative measures to engage safely with the communities where we operate. Their passion for giving back impacts good deeds, changing lives locally.

Habitat For Humanity

Since 2021, our employees have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity to build safe and affordable homes for families experiencing financial hardships in the greater Houston area.

Dril-Quip team building houses in Houston for those in need

Spreading Holiday Cheer

During the holiday season, Dril-Quip employees from around the globe have participated in giving back to children and families in need. The Houston team sponsors toy drives such as Operation Stocking Stuffer, benefiting more than 6,500 families, and gives donations to Texas Children’s Hospital. The team in Aberdeen hosts Charity Raffles to benefit local charities focused on health and wellbeing and supporting individuals through various services.

Piles of toys donated for Houston's underprivileged children

Natural Disaster Relief

The Dril-Quip team always steps up to support in times of need. Following Hurricane Harvey, Dril-Quip established the Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) in 2020 to provide financial grants from employee and company contributions. The EAF has provided grants in the past to employees impacted by natural disasters such as Hurricane Nicholas and the Texas Freeze.

Supporting Education To Benefit Our Collective Future

Resources For The Classroom

One of the best ways to encourage our world’s future workforce is to ensure that students and teachers have the necessary resources. That includes educational programs and tools—like the Chromebook laptops we donated to Truitt Middle School.

Inspire STEM

Combining our commitment to STEM education with diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, Dril-Quip collaborates with the ASME Foundation to sponsor its INSPIRE STEM Readiness Program. INSPIRE gives K-12 grade students immersive, hands-on educational experiences in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students are also introduced to various STEM career paths, learning through interactive and in-class content, including those in the energy sector.

A core priority of the program is to inspire more girls, women, and students of color to pursue STEM-related education and careers. More than half of the nearly 400,000 participating students attend Title I schools—U.S. institutions receiving federal financial assistance due to large populations of students from low-income families. 54 percent of INSPIRE participants identify as underserved minorities.

“It made me more excited than ever to learn about engineering because I was planning to be an engineer when I grow up.”

—6th-grade student, Pasadena ISD/Houston

With 10 percent of the Houston Engineering Department volunteering, support has been tremendous. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from everyone, and the initiative is at full capacity. ASME and Dril-Quip continue to help local schools through volunteerism, one-on-one coaching, and meal preparation.

Commitment to Global Health

Tikobo Township Medical Clinic

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we actively support local communities across our international operations. In Ghana’s Tikobo Township, we commissioned a fully functioning medical clinic in April 2022. Creating ten local jobs, the Episcopal Clinic will provide improved access to healthcare for 500 residents, along with education on personal hygiene and HIV and AIDS prevention.

Nurses aiding patients at the Tikobo Township  Medical Clinic

Photo of breast cancer participants at marathon

Breast Cancer Awareness

During Breast Cancer Awareness month, Dril-Quip employees wear their pink in Mexico, Ecuador, and across the U.S. Our team in Aberdeen hosts a Coffee Morning event to raise funds for the Macmillan Cancer Support Center, which offers physical, emotional, and financial support to families in their fight against cancer.

Heart Health

Since 2021, our employees have participated in the Houston Heart Walk to support the American Heart Association. In 2021, Dril-Quip was recognized as one of the top corporate contributors, thanks to the fundraising and engagement from our employee volunteers and the company match program.

The Dril-Quip team posing for a group photo after volunteering

Dril-Quip donating blood at the Houston facility

Blood Donations

We are dedicated donors to Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, and many lives have been saved by the number of donations from our employees.

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