A Compelling Case For Responsible Stewardship

As the industry focuses on energy transition, Dril-Quip is proud to be a catalyst for change. With a suite of innovative solutions, we help customers maximize operational efficiencies and significantly reduce capital expenditures while protecting the environment. More to the point, we demonstrate that these benefits are inextricably linked.

Board Of Directors

Our Board of Directors collectively brings a diversity of backgrounds, thoughts, and industry knowledge ranging from oil and gas to corporate finance, international business, and technology.

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Executive Compensation

Dril-Quip's compensation approach aims at aligning executive compensation with the Company's goals and maximize shareholder value through performance-driven incentive programs.

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Nondiscrimination And Employment Practices

Dril-Quip is committed to providing equal opportunities in all aspects of employment, and we maintain policies that prohibit any discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, genetic information, religion, gender, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, or military service.

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At Dril-Quip, our reputation for conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner is important to our continued success, and it is our policy to comply with the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the U.K. Bribery Act, and all other applicable laws against corruption.

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Ethics And Compliance

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethical Practices articulates our corporate values and explains how they should guide ethical decision-making for all of our employees, officers, directors, and subsidiaries.

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Supply Chain Policy

We view our suppliers, vendors, and contractors as valued partners who play an integral role in the company’s success. Through our Supplier Code of Conduct, we aim to demonstrate our vision for ensuring long-term value creation across our partner ecosystem.

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Corporate Governance Documents

Find documents covering Dril-Quip's Corporate Governance Guidelines, Code of Business Conduct and Ethical Practices, Audit Committee Charter, Nominating and Governance Committee Charter, and Compensation Committee Charter.

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Human Rights Policy

Dril-Quip, Inc. and its subsidiaries ("Dril-Quip" or the "Company") and Dril-Quip's board of directors support universal human rights as described in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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U.K. Modern Slavery Act Statement

Dril-Quip is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in any part of our business or in our supply chains.

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U.K. Gender Pay Gap Report

Under new legislation that came into force in April 2018, UK employers with more than 250 employees are required to publish information relating to their gender pay gap.

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Cybersecurity Policy

Dril‐Quip’s Information Security Policies guide employee behaviors and provide the foundation for standards that secure information assets and data.

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Work Safer, Smarter, And Faster

With a wide range of cost-saving solutions and support, Dril-Quip will show you how.