A Compelling Case For Responsible Stewardship

As the industry focuses on energy transition, Dril-Quip is proud to be a catalyst for change. With a suite of innovative solutions, we help customers maximize operational efficiencies and significantly reduce capital expenditures while protecting the environment. More to the point, we demonstrate that these benefits are inextricably linked.

Climate Change Policy

Dril-Quip is committed to taking an active role in environmental stewardship and addressing climate change with innovative products and solutions. Our process includes a practical, 360-degree assessment of all physical and transition-related risks and opportunities, with long-term strategies for their successful management.

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A view of an iceberge above and below the suface of the water

Protecting The Environment

Through game-changing technology, Dril-Quip has long helped customers maximize operational safety and efficiency while achieving ESG targets. The effectiveness of our evolutionary culture, defined as The Power of e®, is self-evident:


Reduction in total recorded incident rate (TRIR)*


Reduction in near-miss frequency rate (NMFR)*


Reduction in total environmental incident rate (TEIR)*

*Percentage change from 2015 - 2022

A hiker staring out into the wilderness with a large blue backpack

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Dril-Quip’s sustainability commitment extends beyond our company to our customers and the industry at large and includes a reduction of our emissions. By engaging our expansive value chain, we can make a positive impact on a global scale.

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Work Safer, Smarter, And Faster

With a wide range of cost-saving solutions and support, Dril-Quip will show you how.