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The standard SS-15 Subsea Wellhead System is easily adapted to meet stringent strength requirements imposed on a subsea wellhead system when it is tied back to a TLP or Spar.

Guidelineless Guide Base is the only component necessary to adapt system for guidelineless drilling operations
Available with a variety of Mud Mat styles and configurations for greater bearing support
Multiple conductor housings supply resistance to bending and accommodate complex casing programs
Available with Annulus Shutoff Valve to inhibit surface flow of water or hydrates
Easily accommodates casing programs with the Supplemental Casing Hanger Systems
Rigid Lockdown System preloads wellhead connection together for high fatigue life
Lockdown sleeve preloads wellhead components in wellhead to inhibit thermal growth of casing strings
20" Casing Hanger, Seal Assembly and casing can be run riserless, allowing testable, retrievable and replaceable annulus seal
20" Stab Sub and seals allow 20" wellhead to be run separately

TLP and Spar Wellhead Systems offer all the field-proven benefits found in the standard SS-15 Subsea Wellhead System.

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