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Dril-Quip DX Wellhead Connectors are ideally suited for use with a subsea BOP stack or Subsea Completion Tree. The DX Wellhead Connectors are designed to provide high bending, high tensile and high pressure capacity while remaining easy to operate and install.

High bending and tension capacity

High load capacity

Simple, reliable, trouble-free operation

Unique latching segments provide uniform load distribution

Easily retrofitted into any subsea BOP stack

Latching segments automatically retract when the connector is unlocked

DX seal ring with primary metal-to-metal sealing and emergency back-up, metal-to-metal sealing profile

Ideal for subsea production systems

Ring gasket retaining mechanism provides simple, reliable remote gasket installation and removal
Large lock and unlock porting for quick response
DX-DW Connectors available for deepwater, higher preload requirements
Field-proven performance

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