Dril-Quip’s ConcentricBore™ Production System is a time-saving, economical alternative to traditional completion system designs. By placing the production bore on the centerline, more downhole functions can be incorporated. The ConcentricBore™ Subsea Tree and tubing hanger design combines all of the serviceable features of a DualBore production system with the economic advantage of a simpler tubing hanger and tree design. Dril-Quip’s ConcentricBore Subsea Tree includes Dril-Quip’s field-proven tree connector, gate valve products and subsea control system.

ConcentricBore Trees

The ConcentricBore™ Production System provides the following benefits:

  • Can be run on tubing, drill pipe or workover riser
  • Can be run on a tree running tool with shear valve capabilities or Lower Riser Package
  • The ConcentricBore™ tree body incorporates integral production master and production swab valves, and an annulus master valve; shear cable valves available upon request
  • The ConcentricBore™ tree body can incorporate a production wing valve
  • Available with customer-specified retrievable flow control package
  • Available with optional protective cover
  • Standard API/ISO ROV interfaces ensure installation and maintenance accessibility
  • Field-proven technology

These unique features of the ConcentricBore™ Tree enable operators to save time and money:

  • Workover riser system and surface tree are simpler and less expensive than systems for traditional dual bore trees
  • Can be run on completion/work-over riser, tubing or drill pipe and an umbilical
  • The ConcentricBore Tree and Tree Cap Running and Retrieving Tool replaces on Jack-Up applications; EDP and LRP are available for subsea applications
  • The ConcentricBore Tree body incorporates integral production master and production swab valves, and an annulus master valve; wire-shear cable valves available upon request
  • Available with Integral wing valve in the master valve block

The ConcentricBore™ Tubing Hanger System provides the following benefits:

  • Production annulus access through tubing hanger annulus valve
  • The ConcentricBore Tubing Hanger allows downhole safety valve control, injection line connections, and downhole temperature and pressure monitoring
  • The tubing hanger is available for H2S and severe service
  • Large tubing sizes can be accommodated with annulus access

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