Dril-Quip’s new DXe™ Wellhead Connector is designed for use as a BOP stack connector, subsea tree connector or riser tie-back connector and is suitable for use in HP/HT service and severe bending and high fatigue applications.

A highly engineered latching segment to wellhead locking profile provides increased load capacity. The new DXe ring gasket has both primary and secondary sealing areas, is self-aligning and provides the connector to wellhead interface with increased bending capacity. When the connector is locked onto a wellhead, loads are transmitted through the upper body, through latch segments and into the wellhead locking profile. None of the DXe connector’s bolts are in the load path, eliminating the possibility of connector failure due to bolt failures that the industry has recently experienced. The technology of this critical connection between the wellhead connector and subsea wellhead has been validated to the latest editions of API 16A (4th Edition) PR2 classification, and API 17TR7 requirements. Through rigorous full-scale structural and fatigue testing, the technology in the DXe connector has demonstrated that it delivers reliable performance, higher bending capacity and superior fatigue life.

Dril-Quip DXe Connector

The Industry's Next Generation Connector provides superior performance and reliability.

Unique Features:

  • Unique proprietary highly engineered locking profile provides high fatigue, high load capacity
  • Available with flange, studded or integral connection
  • No bolts in load path - load path is through the upper body, latch segments and wellhead
  • Superior performance validated with full scale testing
  • Exceeds API 16A PR2 and API 17TR7 requirements
  • Self-aligning primary and secondary ring gasket designs
  • Increased hub contact area provides high bending capacity
  • Gaskets qualified to API 6A PR2 20,000 psi (with gas), 35° to 400° F
  • Extensive verification analysis and structural load testing performed
  • Design is compatible with existing blowout preventer hydraulic control systems
  • Can be configured for H-4 locking profile
  • Available on all Dril-Quip subsea trees
  • Available for Riser Tie-Back applications
  • Maximizes the drilling vessel watch circle

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